10 Best Free Backlinks Sites to Get More Viewers and Traffic

SEO is still one of the most misunderstood marketing strategies. It’s often viewed as low-hanging fruit that will yield great results overnight. However, that’s often not true. With the right strategy and set of tools, even an amateur can drive more targeted traffic to their site and increase their SEO rankings with little to no investment. That being said, there are plenty of misconceptions about what exactly SEO really entails. Get ready to learn what it means to be “SEO-ed on” and discover 5 best free backlink sites you should check out if you want more organic visibility in the digital world.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving your page rank, visibility on search engines and the overall strength of your content. It’s about more than just getting better at writing the content; it’s about getting better at building and optimizing your site for SEO. Making sure your content is SEO-friendly is the first and foremost step to success. After that, there are a variety of techniques you can use to get more traffic to your site and increase your search engine presence.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are links that direct people to your website from other sites. It’s not just other pages on your site that have backlinks; any site that earns backlinks from you is doing you a favor. If someone ends up clicking on one of those links, they’re likely going to your site. And, to top it all, your own site is probably going to the top of the search engine lists for the page the link is on.

How to Find and Track Good Backlinks

Finding and tracking good backlinks takes some research and planning. You can’t just throw some links into a hat and call them good. It’s not how good your links are, it’s how much traffic they generate and how long they last. First, you need to understand what makes a good backlink. In order to do this, you’ll want to look at the metrics of your links. What are they based on? What are they linking to? Once you have that data, you can try to analyze your links to find patterns that indicate where your links are leading.

How to get backlinks

Getting backlinks from authoritative sites with good authority ratings is the best way to get more traffic to your site. A large percentage of your readers will end up clicking on your backlink if the content is helpful, engaging and valuable to them. The best way to find these sites is through reverse engineering. Here are a few tips to get you started. Google your keywords Google is the best place to start because it will give you the most relevant results. While you can’t exactly “see” page rank for Google, you can still get an idea of what is and isn’t top-ranking for your keywords.

Outer links are great, but they’re not necessary Outer links don’t guarantee dirt-cheap traffic, so while they can help you build authority, they’re not the be-all, end-all when it comes to growing your audience. Your most important internal links Internal links are the backlinks that lead to your site. The anchor text should be something relevant to your content, so think about what your readers are interested in. The most common mistake people make is linking to a random page. This is bad SEO and can get you penalized by Google.

10 Free backlinks sites

Here are 10 free backlink sites you should check out if you want more organic visibility in the digital world. SEO-tracker.com – SEO is king and this site is all about getting more traffic to your site and raising your SEO. SEO-check.com – This one is for bloggers and content creators who want to know how they can generate more organic traffic. SEO-mod.com – This one is for websites that want to make sure their articles are properly formatted and won’t go 404. SEO-calculator.com – This one is for those who want to know the cost per click (CPC) and search volume of various keywords and phrases. SEO-guru.com – This one is for bloggers who want to turn their traffic into leads. SEO-insider.com – This one is for those who want to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

Final Words

Backlinks are an important part of your SEO game. Not only do they let other sites know where to find you, but they also help direct traffic to your site and encourage other sites to link to you as an authority. If you want more traffic and leads, then using these 10 free backlink sites can get you more visibility on the internet. Remember, there’s no such thing as a free link. While these sites are free to use, you’ll likely never get more than a few dozen links from them. With that in mind, building your own robust backlink network is the best way to go.

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