how to prolong battery life

How to prolong battery life on you smartphone – The best tips

When you first buy your phone, it usually comes with a battery life test that measures how long it can last before running out of power. The more times you run the phone on silent, the longer it will last. Although this is a good way to determine the performance of your mobile, it can also be used to shorten the life of your battery. If you increase your phone’s voice and messaging usage by more than 10%, then you need a little help to have more fun. Here are some simple ways to extend the battery life of your mobile.

Use your phone’s speaker

If you don’t use your phone’s speakerphone when you talk to other people, you most likely have a problem with your phone’s battery life. First, some people prefer to use the phone’s speakerphone when talking to other people because it allows them to hear each other’s voices better. This can often result in decreased battery life. Another way to extend the life of your phone is to use the speakerphone when you are reading emails or sending messages. This will often result in shorter messages, but longer emails.

Use the camera

If you take a lot of photos, you may want to photograph the things in your house that you haven’t asked any questions about yet. In this way, you will not have to spend hours searching through all the photos on your phone before finding the one that interests you. Taking a photo of the bed, the kitchen, or even the car can help you find the perfect pose for when you’re looking for inspiration.

Use your FM radio

If you like listening to news and talk shows, then you will definitely enjoy the long battery life of your mobile. There are many ways to extend the life of your phone, and one of the easiest is to use your favorite music player. You can install an application that allows you to connect your phone to the computer, or you can use the phone’s built-in speaker.

Read your emails more than once

Emails are short, to the point, and often contain few details. The more times you run the email app on your phone, the more times you’ll have to reread the same emails. This can easily drain your phone’s battery. To avoid this, try to read the emails several times before sending them. This will help you detect any problems before they affect the life of your battery.

Watch TV more than once

TV is great for when you want to pass the time, but don’t feel like doing much else. After a while, the static and channels that are on the show seem to grow on you. So you can turn off the TV and put on a different show while your phone charges. This can significantly increase the life of your phone.


It is important to make sure that you are extending the life of your cell phone battery by using it less frequently. This way, you’ll have more time to spend on exciting activities like going to the gym or playing golf. Also, remember to keep your phone in a safe and easily accessible place. When you manage to reduce the usage time of your phone’s battery, you can enjoy longer calls and text messages, as well as more fun calls and games.

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